Dock search/replace panel to bottom

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Dock search/replace panel to bottom

Postby ttx » Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:38 pm

Hi, i noticed information about the new 2018 version of your tools. Can you please consider adding this function?

How should this work:
- leave all functions of current search/replace dialog, just dock it to bottom.
- show this panel on Ctrl+F, Ctrl+R etc...
- here is an example from Sublime text (your panel can be bigger, so instead of cryptic icons, there is checkboxes with text, like in your current search/replace dialog)


Reasons behind this:
- you have a code in which you want replace some text. The string is contained within other strings, so you cant hit "replace all" and instead have to press "replace" or "search next" buttons.
- a lot of times the found string is located under the search dialog - you have to move it to see if this string has to be replaced or not.
- after that, next string is found and again its under the dialog, so you have to move it again and again.

Also wanted to ask if this is fixed? viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6418 (I skipped the last version of your editor).

Thank you.

PS: looking forward for the dark version :)
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