New save file encoding option (UTF et al)

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New save file encoding option (UTF et al)

Postby notuo » Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:24 pm

Hi all.

I just hit the wall here. This is an "Close Encounter of the Seventh kind" with utf.

I never used before (no need for it) but yesterday I installed a system that has some files utf8 encoded. My options has default encoded as ansi.

Now we started with the problems.

I modified some files (string translated to spanish) and when I upload it the results where those accented characters not displaying well., So I take the charset=utf-8 out and they look good. The badness prevailed: some forms somehow encoded the accented characters and the DB is now populated with out? n instead outĆ³n for example.

So go to the basics. I encounter the options save all the files to :ansi, UTF8, UTF16, UTF without BOM. But this is a global thing.

I guess (this is the NFS) The encode all files option should be also (and have preference over the general one) by project.

As I mentioned all my stuff is in ansi without any reference to UTF but this new project.

If I change the general option and (as usual) make some change to another project file, this file will be encoded wrongly and the nightmare will start in a very dark way.

Maybe I am looking this in a wrong manner, if so, please let me know the way.

Best regards to all
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