[Rapid PHP] I like it very much but...

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[Rapid PHP] I like it very much but...

Postby axelay » Sun Mar 21, 2010 9:51 pm

Hey guyz,

I have now used Rapid PHP for 2 days and I got to say I am well impressed so far. I used another editor until I ran out of email addressed (couldn't buy it -> too $$$) and was using TextPad as simple text editor.
Then I came across this software and I am really liking it, will actually buy it in a few days.
There are a few little things I would like to mention a few things that caught my attention.
1) FTP feature is great, working really well, but I would like to have the upload of files in a pane rather than in a popup. When it uploads, you are confined to this little popup and cannot do anything in the meantime. Having it launched as a process in a pane showing the output of what is happening would be grand. An option to bypass the overwrite all would also be appreciated so you don't end up clicking ok every time.
2) Maybe this exists but I haven't found it. I noticed the code completion works fine if you are including a file containing the list of functions directly, but it fails to do anything when you include this file on other levels. As an example, I have a functions.php which contains all my useful functions and other rubbish. This file is included in a file called common.php which is called by every single page on my site. Common.php contains a few more things like DB connection, etc...
Would it be possible to have Rapid PHP scan the whole project and build the code completion on startup?

As I said, I am very impressed so far and not much is missing to make this an even greater tool

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