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Webuilder Feedback & Requests

Postby gwmbox » Mon May 24, 2010 4:49 pm

Hi guys and Dev's

I am a long time Homesite user and have been using TopStyle now for about a year. Over the last two years I have watched with interest the development and progress of Webuilder and while good it has a few limitations I feel that could if fixed could make Webuilder the ultimate coding tool for web development. In fact if we could get Topstyle and Webuilder to merge it would be awesome :)

Now some of these may be available but I may have not yet found them, anyway here goes :)

1. Make it possible to assign a snippet in the Library to a toolbar button of the users choice, button can be styled with a user choice icon or a two letter text
2. Allow the user to create as many additional menu and toolbars as much as they want
3. Male it possible to select multiple files in the file explorer instead of just one, and then allow multiple files to be added to the content from the file explorer at the same time in file explorer order
4. Enable the line numbers to be coloured or toned down a tad to a mid grey colour.
5. Move the files open tabs over the editor only window pane
6. Add a close X on each file open tab
7. For CSS in the Inspector have a small CSS preview box at the bottom of the Inspector (i.e. not the preview pane)
8. Make it possible to assign a default template for each file type, html, css, php etc
9. Make it possible to preview and image within the File Explorer
10. Enable code to be selected and collapsed, e.g. I select rows 50 to 400 and then select a small box in the margin that collapses that code down to one line
11. When doing a replace in Files and the 'Show detailed results' is ticked, no results are shown
12. When doing replace in files, the system should ask to change opened files, and if yes then the opened files should auto update to new changed content
13. Enable an undo of a replace in file for each replace rather than the whole replace
14. In File Explorer enable us to modify widths of columns (name, size etc)

I am sure there are others that would be useful but I think that is a good start :P

Cheers all
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Re: Webuilder Feedback & Requests

Postby gwmbox » Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:13 am

So 2 weeks go by and no comments on my post, does that mean that WB 2010 does not do all the things I have said above, or will not, or is not planned or what?

I have been trying to get use to WB 2010 (yes I bought a licence) and its just not quite ... well ... right for me yet :P

I'd love some comments on my requests :)

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Re: Webuilder Feedback & Requests

Postby David » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:39 pm

There are some interessting points, but whether or not some of them will realized in future..., only the developers know that.
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