Some good ideas for next versions...

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Some good ideas for next versions...

Postby Atgarist » Fri Jan 06, 2017 6:48 pm


I've bought PHP Rapid editor a fgew month ago, now I have some suggestions for next versions of editor ( it' s Part 1... :-) ...):

1. TAGs and/or Attributes in upper- / lowercase
Let me decide (configuration) if I want all HTML Tags and / or TAG-Attributes in uppercase or lower case. For Example:
lowercase: <div class="my_class" id="my_ID" onclick="js_fct(1,2,3)"> some Text </div>
UpperCase only TAGs: <DIV class="my_class" id="my_ID" onclick="js_fct(1,2,3)> some Text </DIV>
UPPERCASE TAGs and Attributes: <DIV CLASS="my_class" ID="my_ID" ONCLICK="js_fct(1,2,3)> some Text </DIV>

2. A TAG-Inspector with new features, which decides between Attributes and Events, or much better: Let me make a list of "My Attributes" and "My Events" ("My" or "Most needed"....), where I can collect the most important /most needed HTML-Attributes / Events... This would speed up the time of devoloping very much, makes us faster und more sure!

Very very very good would be: Let me Congig the list of "my Attributes" and "My Events" for each HTML-TAG.
Maybe like this images:


3. List of JS functions and variables
Give us an new panel for JS-files, with a list of all function and variables of the active JS-file, something like this: (screenshot from an other JS-Editor):

A click of a listed function jumps to the beginning of this function in source-file
A click of a listed variable marks all variables in source file

Thanks! Part 2 will follow in a few days :-)

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Re: Some good ideas for next versions...

Postby Aivars » Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:06 pm

You can already see a list of js functions. It's in Code Explorer (use menu View -> Code Explorer to show it). I

'm not sure about the uppercase tags because the common convention is to use lowercase tag names everywhere, so your requirement would be extremely niche. Look at the source code of the bigger players - Google, Facebook etc - none of the HTML tags or attributes will be uppercase.

I'll forward your request regarding Inspector.
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Re: Some good ideas for next versions...

Postby Atgarist » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:31 pm

Hi, and thanks for answering!

Maybe, lower tags may become to "standard". But it should depend on any developer, if he want to us lower / UPPER tags.
For me and many developers, the UPPERCASE-Tags is better to read / decide.

I think, in Rapid Editor, it s just one option-flag in configuration - for example: Use "UPPERCASE-Tags" YES/NO :-)
A good source editor works, like its customer works :-)))

See also my next Topic: "Bug: CSS-Selectors in Message-Panel always in lower case":

Thanks, Ralf
(from germany)
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