frame resizing and other frame related

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frame resizing and other frame related

Postby jwlabno » Sun Jul 03, 2005 5:12 am

1. Faster frame move speed when Left/Top buttons are pressed and held down. Or a setting in options to select speed of moving the frame (I am talking about the speed the frame is moved around the animation screen in preview window, not the speed of animation but the speed of positioning partial frames in the entire picture). I find this speed very slow. Could use a setting like slow/medium/faster in options menu.

2. Button captions on frame toolbar. I find myself forgetting which icon means what and always ending up in external editor when I want to add an effect (the magic wand). This is, I guess, a minor issue.

3. Button to export frames frame toolbar. I know, it's on the menu... But... There is so much room on the frame toolbar... it can fit both tools and frame menus.

4. Resizing of individual frames. Similar to resize the animation in the animation properties tab, it would be nice to have resize individual frame option in the Frame Properties tab. I often find that when cutting and pasting images into individual frames, I cut a pixel or two too much or too small. When this is happening I have to go back to the external editor and re-cut again. With frame resizing, I could simply reduce the frame or stretch it inside the animator. The way I see it, you could put frame height and width right next to the position inputs (left & top). To make it even more sophisticated, you could either shrink/stretch the content of the frame as the frame size changes, or simply add/remove pixels from width/height without enlarging/reducing the picture itself.

5. Active frame selection. One of the competitive products has great feature allowing selection of frames to be included in the animation. It is simply a tick box next to each thumbnail. The unticked frames are available for frame editing and but only ticked thumbnails are displayed in preview window or included in testing animations. There is numerous ways this could be a great improvement, for example
- Working on a small part of large animation. It would allow the users to play the section they are working on, rather than the entire animation
- Temporary working space. Have some working pictures (for color sampling or a "base" images) which are needed during work but not required in the final product.
- Testing various options without having to create separate gif files. For example, does it look better red, pink or orange? Duplicate frames, change colour, enable/disable frames and play the animation to compare.

This would also require "select all'. "deselect all" and file save options to ask if the unticked frames are to be saved or not.

Postby Karlis » Mon Jul 11, 2005 9:37 pm

Thank you for your suggestions. They will be considered when planning updates and new releases.
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