Insert Live Date & Time / Compatibility With Publisher

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Insert Live Date & Time / Compatibility With Publisher

Postby Ethan777 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 6:36 am

Hi Everyone,

I am a user from Singapore who is looking for GIF animation software to recreate my local metro's countdown clock screen. And so I downloaded Easy GIF Animator and came up with this below.

RATIS Animation 1

Quite pleased with the results for this trial. But I noticed some constraints in the software that prevents me from recreating to exact detail/manner.

1. Could we have better compatibility with Publisher such that in future, I can actually copy paste my screen into Easy GIF Animator as an editable drawing where the shapes and text boxes can be resized/edited as accordingly?

I designed the screen very detailed and precisely in Microsoft Publisher. I then ported over the screen as 2 different images into the software with each 1 image lasting 1 second on endless repeat. But for more complicated GIF animations of my screen, I will have to import in many more images of my screen of each individual screen state.

2. Able to incorporate dynamic text functions in text boxes.

Because of lack of this, I have to make the GIF animation based on individual screen states and that I can't do dynamic text effects on the text box fields. Now I will have to manage and time many individual images which isn't entirely practical for realistic/more complex GIF animations.

3. Insert Live Date/Time + Scrolling Text within a defined space. Improved Quality Of Scrolling Effect

At the top of the screen reflects the "Time" and "Welcome Onboard SMRT!"

In reality, the "Time" is a toggle between ACTUAL TIME (in 12-hour clock with AM/PM) and ACTUAL DATE (eg 22 Sep) without the year.

The "Welcome Onboard SMRT!" is actually scrolling text of various travel information in the metro. the scrolling text is only within that area of the screen.

Could we implement ability to insert live date/time as text box and dynamic text feature to toggle in between the two? Plus also an ability to confine scrolling text to specific part of the canvas and not merely scroll through the entire canvas?

Also the scrolling effects in the software is still quite choppy and not smooth. Can we improve on this?
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