Update: 2010 v10.2.0.120 BETA

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Update: 2010 v10.2.0.120 BETA

Postby Karlis » Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:05 pm

Today we are releasing a BETA-quality update to our code editors. Download links are below.

Why beta?
Because a lot of structural changes have been made, also we have not had enough time to fully test it. We hope to release final in a few weeks if there will be no major problems. Personally I am using this version for a while now and all seems ok... mostly.

What's new?
+ Improved: Much faster and more detailed find in files
+ Improved: Faster search
+ Updated: Tidy version update
+ Improved: Updated tidy config to support all new features
+ Fixed: Print selection does not work
+ Fixed: & in file name causes underlined letter in document tab's caption
+ Fixed: Bug with Open/Save dialog filters
+ Fixed: Minor text issues
+ Fixed: After closing Preferences, in language browser some languages are missing
+ Fixed: Find in files Find button disabled bug
+ Improved: ASP code highlighting - background color can be set for spaces
+ Fixed: CSS inspector "font" value is now parsed correctly
+ Fixed: CSS auto bracket complete no more adds two blank spaces at the end
+ Fixed: File Explorer Resize bug on Vista64
+ Improved: Localization now works better
+ Added: Russian translation

Download links

It is important that you report any newly introduced bugs via our support website (http://www.blumentals.net/support/wizard.php) mentioning that you are using beta version. Please do not send us messages like "why isn't my feature request implemented?" since at this stage we must focus on bugs and most serious issues. We will resume working on feature suggestions once this big update is finalized.


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