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Update: 2015 Beta3

Postby Karlis » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:17 am

Today we updated the Beta2 to Beta3, it fixes some bugs and adds some minor improvements:

* Improved cursor/preview synch + Chrome support
* Minor improvements in code beautifiers
* Better AltGr key behavior

More info and links here:
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Re: Update: 2015 Beta3

Postby kfury77 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:37 pm

Great stuff Karlis. I've been using the Beta of WeBuilder 2015 every day since the first beta was released and am enjoying it. It seems very stable to me and I've yet to have it crash. I've found a few minor bugs - would be nice to see these fixed in a forthcoming beta release.

BUG: When editing plain text files the colour code popup appears when a colour name is typed. I typed Black Friday and the colour popup showed the black colour. It would be best if colour code popup was disabled for .txt files.

TYPO: On the new page from Wizard, one of the options for Doctype is 'HTML 5'. This should be HTML5

TYPO: All references of Wordpress should be changed to WordPress.

FEATURE REQUEST: It'd be useful if WeBuilder 2015 Beta automatically checked for Beta updates at startup, and/or if the 'Check for Updates' option worked and notified of new releases.
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