Update: 2016

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Update: 2016

Postby Karlis » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:30 pm

Today we are releasing WeBuilder, Rapid PHP, HTMLPad and Rapid CSS 2016 production version. We will continue work on updating 2016 and fixing any issues, of course.

What's new?


Buying and Upgrading

According to our upgrade policy, customers who bought the old version 6 months prior this release today are eligible for a free upgrade. Also everybody with a valid 3-year subscription is eligible for a free upgrade. For more info, click here.

Other existing customers may upgrade for a special price (and the first 300 customers to use coupon code BEFIRST will get a 10% discount on top of the upgrade price).

This is also good time to cross-upgrade between editions e.g. HTMLPad 2015 -> WeBuilder 2016 and between licences e.g. Personal -> Commercial.

We do appreciate your each and every one purchase and upgrade very much as the financial results greatly determine the future of the product. So thank you very very much for being our customers. You are the best!

Moving from old versions to 2016

Most of the settings from 2015 should be ported automatically. When you uninstall your old version, make sure you choose to keep your settings during uninstall. One thing to note is that settings will not transfer from portable to normal and from normal to portable version.

To transfer settings between two portable / USB installs, please copy the settings folder from the old version over the settings folder of the new version. This is not well-tested method but generally should work.

Have questions?

Please first go through our support pages and if the question is not answered there, please contact our support team, you should get an answer within 1 business day or sooner. (while you are always welcome at our support mailbox, 90% of the questions are already answered and you might find your answer within seconds)


Your "Check for updates" feature might not bring anything up as we do not want everybody to rush on this new release at once. We hope to notify most of the users within the next few weeks but not everybody at once.
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Re: Update: 2016

Postby ajmaske » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:53 am

HI Karlis and Crew ... wanted to extend congrats on the new release! Been using the Beta since it was released and everything been great! I'm also very excited about the direct Webuilder has been taken and going ...

I just noticed though, after installing the release my version # in the About window says "( however, in the subject above its ... was this a typo? or did I miss something when installing?


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Re: Update: 2016

Postby xtom » Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:51 pm

Brill I just upgraded. :)
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Re: Update: 2016

Postby BostonT » Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:45 am

I just updated to the new release( and it hangs with a open file for about 40 seconds & with the preview ? Windows 10 here.
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Re: Update: 2016

Postby Aivars » Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:53 am

Is it something that the old version didn't do? Maybe it's the old IE problem (when you include JavaScript or CSS files via // and IE thinks it should try to access network disks). Try switching to Chromium preview and see if the problem goes away.
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