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Update: 2016

Postby Aivars » Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:04 pm

In this update:

Removed local webserver's ability to execute .exe files due to security concerns (reported by John Page). Let me know if and how you used this feature, together we will find a safer way to do it!
Improvement: File Explorer pane - FTP current path displayed when hovering over FTP directory tree (just like with FTP file list)
Improvement: CSS property mix-blend-mode enabled in CSS Actual.
Fix: Replace in Files with regular expressions, when Replace instead of Replace All used, the regular expressions didn't work correct (e.g. \0 etc were ignored in Replacement text)
Fix: Crash with p::before{content:'}
Fix: Error on Ctrl + F4 when no documents open
Fix: Ignore File Explorer reported directory changes when it's not a real drive (caused by e.g. DLNA)
Fix: Esc not working in Find dialog if multiline field focused
Fix: Window list not updating if placed in toolbar
Fix: Problem when selecting and deleting multiple lines in huge files
Fix: CSS formatter could not handle CSS properties starting with "or"
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