More Music Control

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More Music Control

Postby Tacc » Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:06 pm

I like your program but before I would buy I would like to see more control over the
background music .....
For Examle:
Lets say I got 50 pictures to put in my screensaver .....
Lets say I have 3 .wav files (or whatever format) that are of different lengths .....
say 3 minutes, 3 1/2 minutes, 4 minutes, etc.
I would like to use all 50 pictures and all 3 .wav files in my screensaver.
Now I would like to display the first 15 pictures while .wav file #1 is playing in the background
and then when picture #16 starts to display I would like .wav file #1 to stop
and .wav file #2 to start and play while the next 15 pictures are being displayed
and so on ......
The present option that allows each picture to have it's own sound file is OK
but I do not want a seperate sound file to play for each picture .....
but instead, I would like a certain music file to play while a group of pictures are being displayed ..... and then another music file to play for the next group of pictures
Like some kind of time-line for the picture display and Background music files
I can do that with your program now, but it means that I have to adjust my display times for my groups of pictures to coincide with the length of my music file .....
If I have a group of 10 pictures and a 3 minute music file then I have to allow the 10 pictures
to display for 18 second each, and then the 11th picture would start to display and the next music file would begin .....
A time-line would eliminate users from having to figure the display time of each picture in a group to coincide with the length of the music file .....
and this would make the transition much more pleasant.

Thank You Kindly
Mr. Tacc
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