RSS Feeds, Features Tab, ReadMe, and other feature requests

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RSS Feeds, Features Tab, ReadMe, and other feature requests

Postby bitwise » Mon May 04, 2009 2:41 pm

I have a few feature requests that would nicely enhance the screensavers.

1) Can you make the RSS Feeds be able to be clickable, so if the end user sees a feed that they want to get more info on, they can click it to go to the page the RSS feed message is pointing to?

2) Can you make it so the end user can move and resize some of the features? For example, let them be able to choose where to put the clock and how big it should be, let them decide where to put the calendar and how big it should be, where to put the RSS feed and how big it should be.

3) It'd be nice if the end user could input their own RSS feeds in addition to ours, if we have any. If we don't have any, they can still add it, kinda like the music feature where they can play their own music files.

4) I'd really like to see the ReadMe file be viewed somewhere in the properties window. This is a great place to advertise more stuff, explain about the program, offer helps, whatever you want to put there.

5) I still wish there was a more robust wallpaper option to allow the end user to easily see thumbs of the images and select one as their wallpaper.

Thanks for considering!
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