Pan & Zoom & Font Settings

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Pan & Zoom & Font Settings

Postby Michael234 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:30 am


I have two suggestions for Screensaver Factory :

1. Allow the user creating a screensaver to set the font for the Labels just once. This could be done by adding a Global Font Setting tab to the Media Window. This global setting would be the default and would be used for all Labels. The creator could then over ride the Global Setting and change the font for an individual photo if needed. At the moment, each image/photo that is labelled has to have the font settings captured - this can be a little tedious.

2. In the Media settings where the label is added, can you please provide an over ride so that you can stop the Pan & Zoom for just that photo/image/picture. There is no over ride so you either have Pan & Zoom on for all photos/images or No Pan & Zoom at all.

Many Thanks
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