Screensaver Manager

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Screensaver Manager

Postby torcakey » Sat Jun 07, 2008 11:00 pm

Would be nice to have a "manager" to control the screensavers
created with the maker software. I've downloaded and tried a number of "managers",
They all work fine, and they all have a "run screensaver for x minutes. But IMHO they
need another option: "run screensaver for x times (count)". See Example Below.

Assume I have 4 screensaver collections:

1. FamilyPhotos-Fall: (20 images, view for 6 seconds apiece, 2 minutes total run time).
2. FamilyPhotos-Winter: (30 images, view 3 seconds apiece, 1 1/2 minutes total run time).
3. FamilyPhotos-Spring: (40 images, view 6 seconds apiece, 4 minutes total run time).
4. FamilyPhotos-Summer: (80 images, view 8 seconds apiece, 8 minutes total run time).

What I'm trying to say is that the "manager" would run each "collection" until it came
to each collections end , and then cycle automatically to the next collection. Thus using the
above, when it came to the end of "Fall" it would cycle to the next one "Winter", and so on.
Rather then having an option to run a screensaver for x minutes, I was thinking that the "minutes"
option could be changed to a "how many times to run" (count). This way, if say, I wanted to see
all 80 images in collection #4 more than once, all I would have to do is enter the value in the "count"
field. A value of zero (0) could mean to skip to the next collection. A value of 999 could mean loop
on this collection indefinitely, (only 1 "999" per playlist, which would force all others to "0").
This way the user or me doesn't have to know any of the values within the brackets.

Just a suggestion. :D
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Re: Screensaver Manager

Postby kayanat » Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:40 pm

When my computer is activated after a screensaver, when I click my mouse, it's as if I'm rightclicking?
Sometimes when my computer starts up, or when I get back on after the screen saver has loaded, when I use the left mouse click button (i'm right handed) it's as if I'm clicking the opposite button and brings up menus and stuff on the desktop... I do CTRL ALT DELETE, bring up task manager, just close the task manager, and then everything is back to normal. Any ideas or suggestions?
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Re: Screensaver Manager

Postby gjd » Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:19 am

Kayanat, could you please say which operating system you are using, what graphics and the size/level of your RAM?
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