Settings export + fix of https addresss in "Allowed sites"

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Settings export + fix of https addresss in "Allowed sites"

Postby blueblack » Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:49 pm


Your program is great - exactly what I was looking for my kids computer :)

There are just these two things you should take note:
1) Make a function with which to export the program's settings to a file.
so that you can keep a backup

2) In "Allowed sites" tab, adding a filter with a https address, doesn't seem to work:
eg. I'd just like to allow (in every browser installed) ONLY the checking of your hotmail through live messenger' taskbar icon:
by rightclicking on it and then click on "Email Inbox"
which opens a browser and tries to open something like
BUT I cant seem to be able to whitelist it ...
(I've tried*
or even */*
but it doesn't work)

Thank you
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