Limiting bandwidth

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Limiting bandwidth

Postby ringoffire » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:05 am


How about adding a feature to limit bandwidth usage?

It can be for limiting bandwidth:
- of selected programs
- of general internet usage
- for designated hours
- for designated users
- and may be triggered when some conditions are met (after certain time or downloading certain MBs, during certain hours etc..)
- etc.

By such limiting, users won't be using the whole speed thus causing "demotivation" > > for not to use at least torrents, p2p or any heavy downloads (even watching videos or listening music online). This can also be considered a secondary indirect control system -in case a user finds his way to reach such sites... or at least it can be used in environments where internet access must kept open but such "demotivation" is necessary (e.g. offices, schools etc..)
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