request for additional features

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request for additional features

Postby Jeff » Sat Oct 01, 2005 2:29 am

1. Timer - the timer feature is great, but it doesnt retain the setting. I would like a feature where each time the internet connection is "enabled" it will automatically disable after X amount of time. I would like this to happen every time the connection is enabled.

2. I would like to block all web access except for an "allow" list of web sites, for example, my business site is ok, but all others are blocked.

3. Java - Enable/disable app that runs in the web browser so you dont have to have the Inet icon on the desktop - Which in my case is locked down so they dont get to see it.

4. Seperate user password for different lever of "allow" access. For example user1 has its own set of sites that are allowed to visit, while all others are blocked, User2 - say a manager has no restriction atc.

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