Where do you host your website?

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Postby MikeyB » Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:31 am

bandrej wrote:DO consider this alternative. http://www.hostko.co.uk/

I get a 404 Not Found going to http://www.hostko.co.uk
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Postby Karlis » Sat Sep 29, 2007 2:34 pm

bandrej wrote:DO consider this alternative. http://www.hostko.co.uk/

Error 404? Hm...
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Postby MaxD » Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:12 pm

Have one of my sites hosted with www.fasthosts.co.uk. They had a hacking problem and so have changed all the user passwords for us. This means the password for my database has changed and my site no longer works.

No problem with a security update, but please answer my emails :roll: I would change my passwords but the menus as described are no longer :?
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Postby TrapezeArtist » Sat Jan 19, 2008 12:51 pm

Clook.net. Stupid name: brilliant company. :D

I use their UK company but they have a US leg as well. If that's as good as the people I deal with, you just can't go wrong. They are totally upfront and honest about everything. Have a look at http://www.clook.info/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=22 to see what their customers think of them.

It's reached the point where if my business has any issue of a customer service nature, I think "What would Clook do?".
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Postby multifarious » Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:20 pm

I run multiple sites on Hostgator and in all my years of webdevelopment (which is since ~'95) I have never encountered a better host

all support issues I ever had were solved WITHIN 10 hrs (most within two)
highly affordable
friendly people
more options then you'll ever need

but especially number 1 & 2 have made them my favorite, if only because most other hosts let me down severely in one or both of these.. (I even had one going bankrupt on me without notice :|)
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Postby llbbl » Fri Apr 11, 2008 6:18 pm

dreamhost is the best shared host. checkout dreamhost private servers.

If you need something more than that I would get a dedicated server. There are lots of dedicated server companies. I have heard cari.net is good.

mediatemple is good, but expensive. they aren't any better than dreamhost.
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JaguarPC (hmmm...)

Postby muz1 » Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:34 am

JaguarPC I have been told has a pretty massive userbase around the world and from what I can see have some serious muscle in data connectivity.

I have an experience to share that I would be interested in seeing if anyone has has similiar or even if you know of anyone using the same host. I am also very interested in finding a host that can actually own up to their mistakes or errors. We all make them.

About four months ago, pages of mine got hacked. Pornographic or drug links were getting inserted in webpages. Google even indexed afew of my sites as pornographic websites as a result of the sometimes hidden content. This really upset some of my clients and I ended up spending hours on hours fixing the damage. Then afew days later it happened again. I got in contact with JaguarPC asking them what was happening and they said that someone had got a hold of my superuser FTP password and tha is how they accessed the files. I changed my password,removed afew ftp accounts and told no-one about the new password. It waseven so cryptic that I cannot even remember it. 1 week later, it happened again. I asked jaguar and all I got was a link to a page of security holes in PHP. I checked jsut incase and even found afew old suggestions. In other words, I was fobbed off. I decided to do some research and found that other users of jaguar had similiar experiences. I did some research on the trojan that was infecting my sites and I found postes that actually named the jaguarPC servers as being infected.


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Postby llbbl » Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:15 pm

Just their name alone doesn't sound like a very good web host.
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Re: Where do you host your website?

Postby nambinar » Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:22 am

For the last two years I hosted my website at Tucktail.com They have three plans.All plans includes special kind of features with lot of free services. Here i bought Ultimate plan.My plans includes
1.Unlimited Websites, Space+ & Bandwidth
2.1000 Email Accounts
3.Unlimited MySQL Databases
4.FREE Premium DNS, Malware Scanner, SSL Certificate with Fixed IP address
They provided FREE setup and software,Daily backup.I like their services.
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Re: Where do you host your website?

Postby samramsan » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:51 pm

Nice, but if you want stability and performance I personally recommend my provider, Bluehost excellent customer service also. :D
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Re: Where do you host your website?

Postby jaymista » Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:24 am

I have several web sites on powweb.com
I don't know that much about web hosting but I have used powweb for 8-9 years and it seems ok to me. Check it out.
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Re: Where do you host your website?

Postby bestkreative » Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:57 pm

we host website every where
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