HTML5 et al

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HTML5 et al

Postby notuo » Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:31 pm


Mapleleaf already started something (several posts on this), so I like to share mine and maybe just consolidate some info in one thread. Mayne some links are repeated (sorry for that) (status of html5 in different browsers) (a boilerplate to start with) Uses other tools (read the docs) (nice one. Used be boilerplate) (info on ) (rule generator with preview) NICE! (there are more tools here) Visualize fonts on line Showcase

Cheat sheets ... -sheet.pdf ... sheet-pdf/ ... woork.html

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Re: HTML5 et al

Postby mapleleaf » Fri Apr 15, 2011 1:46 am

Excellent listing, notuo, muy bien.

Only missing three from the list.

Btw, I did ask Karlis to consider in this forum another section namely, html5 & CSS3 and then sub categorize into tips, tricks and tweeks.

Since the pending release of WB 2011 will support html5(as much as it can) and will continually update, IMHO having a separate section is prudent.

I am in the belief that a web site should as much as possible be cross-platform compatible. It is therefore IMHO that web site should validate to current standards. Granted the current support for html5 varies between the major browsers which is even more noticeable in their support for CSS3.

Both of which will become the standards in the future and IF web designers/developers don't take that step NOW they will have 'mucho' problems.

I truly hope that they get off their butts and come together on the CSS3 especially when it comes to transformation, some do some don't.

recall back in the '90s when the internet was vibrant? then there was a period of being in a lull state and now it is becoming vibrant again. What was considered then to advanced or avant garde quickly became the norm...html5 will do that once again

One can only stay update as much as possible today. The market may to some respect be not quite ready for html5 but be assured the internet will be vibrant once again.

And I wont talk about WEBGL yet :D

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