Save Project Button, will not save work.

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Save Project Button, will not save work.

Postby tim4962 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:38 pm

Subject is my problem. Save Project Button, will not save work.

Dear Support,

Details: If I am lucky I can restart my computer and start creating a menu then Save it, one or two times. But after that when I click on SAVE PROJECT, no window will pop up and I can not save a project. I spent two hours yesterday creating a menu and it would not save and I lost all my hard work. However I was lucky enough to create a HTML version for viewing just in case I do it again. I have had this software for a while and have never used it very much. If I have to buy an upgrade, I won't do it. I have not used this for a real project yet, but would like to just get it to work.

More Info: I am using windows 7
Easy Button & Menu Maker - Version 1.6

Have you had any one else who can not save work. This is a paid version, however I can't use it for some reason, unless I restart my computer. Then just maybe I can save it once or twice. But I need to save my work at all times. Can you help? Thanks,

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Re: Save Project Button, will not save work.

Postby Aivars » Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:01 pm


this is the first time I know of when Easy Button & Menu Maker wouldn't save project.

Does it happen in any folder? Could you try saving the project in an empty folder? (EBMM should remember the folder you saved in and offer it by default next time you save)

When you save for the 1st time, it should display Save dialog window asking for file name. When you save again, the window should not open, unless you explicitly choose Save Project As. Does saving fail even if you click Save Project instead of Save Project As?

There are more things you could try to help us understand the problem. If you're running 64-bit version of Windows 7, you could test and let us know if open/save dialog window works in other 32-bit applications.
If your computer has buggy shell extensions installed then open/save dialogs might fail as well. You could use to see list of installed shell extensions. Pressing View > HTML Report will export the list, you can send it to the support ( and we'll check if any of those extensions might be at fault.
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