ebab_mbmcp.gif kills saving menue.html

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ebab_mbmcp.gif kills saving menue.html

Postby CodeChegga » Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:18 pm

sometimes if i repeat saving to the same Html publish file and subdir, the system does not allow saving/overwriting the file ebab_mbmcp.gif
and the saving process stops without writing new files and the older ones are gonein the folder ... :-(
its strange - i cannot delete even a copied file of this gif in different folder (working under Win7Ultimate 64) even not with Admin privileges!!!

and can i style a different 3rd Level submenue ?

and are there more specific posibilities to format padding / margin-right left top bottom seperatly

thanks for hints & help
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Re: ebab_mbmcp.gif kills saving menue.html

Postby Aivars » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:54 pm

Could it be that some service (anti-virus, backup or file synchronization) blocks the file and prevents it from being overwritten?

There is no feature in EBMM that allows styling different submenus differently or apply different margin to top/bottom.
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