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Postby cal-gospel » Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:31 am

I changed up some pages on my website that need to be incorporated in by Easy Button label. I could not find my inital license so I purchased a new Easy Button & Menu Maker.
What I did was a big mistake on my part. I deleted my html codes and insert the new codes and now my website is down because I can't get my buttons to work.
I tried the "Check Website for Errors"

Doctype is not present in
Without Doctype your page will lack important features in Internet Explorer such as rounded corners, shadows etc. Please refer to Knowledge Base for more information.
The page contains 2 head elements instead of one.
Document contains 2 body elements instead of one.
Menu code found.

CSS file not found at http://www.california-gospel.comebmm_fi ... smbmcp.css. Please make sure it's uploaded.
JavaScript file not found at http://www.california-gospel.comebmm_fi ... jsmbmcp.js. Please make sure it's uploaded.

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Postby Aivars » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:50 pm

Most importantly you need to upload the missing css and js file. Those were generated by Easy Button & Menu Maker, make sure you upload them to your server in the correct directory. After that you need to fix the many HTML errors that your page has. You might need to get a help from a web designer.
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