Templating and File Naming

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Templating and File Naming

Postby Mot » Thu May 22, 2008 11:06 pm

In addition to all the discussion on making EB&MM a full CSS-based menu generator, I'd like to see the following features.

1) Templating
By this I mean the flexibility to add menu items outside the program once the initial design has been completed. As it sits currently, it seems the most expedient way to add items - especially top level items - is to use the program. It may be the most expedient for now, but far from quick since a lot of stuff needs to be re-edited to fit the edited menu back into the site. I think the move to pure CSS will provide the solution to this as a side effect.

2) Full File Naming Control.
Currently there appears to be none. I would like to determine how the files are named.

It's a great start to what will be an awesome web menu designer.

I hope that you will let give version 1.x users a grandfathered upgrade route to v2. I really can't use this product for much more than creating buttons at the moment, but I can clearly see the potential.
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