Plugin: Sort Lines 1.0

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Plugin: Sort Lines 1.0

Postby pmk65 » Tue May 31, 2016 6:58 pm

WeBuilder Plugin: Sort Lines v1.0

- Sort lines in Ascending/Descending order.
- Sort lines numerical or string based.
- Sort at a specific column/position on lines.
- Can sort the entire editor content if no selection is made. (This feature can be toggled using the plugin properties)


Plugin is callable in 2 ways:
- By using the GUI
- By hotkey (Shift-Ctrl-O), using last settings saved by the GUI. (Also available as a menu item)

1) Download plugin .ZIP file.
2) Open WeBuilder and select "Plugins -> Manage Plugins" from the menu.
3) Click "Install" and select the .ZIP file you downloaded in step 1.

Feedback appreciated. ;)
(I only use WeBuilder, so I haven't tested if it works in HTMLPad, Rapid CSS or Rapid PHP.)
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