Plugin: Save SASS (and Compass) 1.0

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Plugin: Save SASS (and Compass) 1.0

Postby anderson » Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:38 pm

Hi! :D

I've made a plugin for WeBuilder: Save SASS 1.0, a fork of his counterpart for LESS. Please notice that it's my first plugin so there's a lot of potencial bugs in the code :shock:

Key Features:
  • Auto compile SASS (.scss) files on save or manually
  • Auto compile Compass projects on save or manually
  • Fully customizable output type and target
  • Ability to save the output in the same directory, at a higher level, or "../css" and "../sylesheets" folders
  • A Compass project wizard with the ability to create a Bootstrap-Sass based project (16 Bootswatch themes + Bootstrap default available to choose) in a few seconds

  • You must have Ruby installed (Get it here)
  • SASS and Compass ruby gems
  • Bootstrap-sass gem
  • PHP .exe in system PATH

IMPORTANT: Use .bat files for SASS and Compass in plugin settings. And always use quotes in the paths.

Correct: "C:\ruby\bin\scss.bat"
Incorrect: "C:\ruby\bin\scss"

Correct: "C:\ruby\bin\compass.bat"
Incorrect: "C:\ruby\bin\compass"

Correct: "C:\ruby\bin\scss.bat" (with quotes)
Incorrect: C:\ruby\bin\scss.bat (without quotes)





I hope you enjoy use this plugin as I enjoyed to make it. :lol:
Version 1.0
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