Plugin: CDNJS v2.0

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Plugin: CDNJS v2.0

Postby pmk65 » Mon May 28, 2018 1:15 pm

WeBuilder Plugin: CDNJS v2.0

Lookup keyword at and add latest JavaScript or CSS to AutoCompleter.
Bonus: If no keyword is entered, the plugin will list all valid local files in current folder and subfolders.

Example of AutoCompleter triggered with keyword:

Example of AutoCompleter triggered without keyword:

Place the cursor inside a <script> SRC attribute or a <link> HREF attribute and type in a keyword like "jque" and activate the AutoCompleter (Press Ctrl + Space). The plugin then add the matching urls found at CDNJS to the WeBuilder AutoCompleter.
If no keyword is entered, the plugin will add any matching files in the current folder to the WeBuilder AutoCompleter.

Note: Plugin got 3 options: "Return immediately on exact match", "Remove URI Scheme" and "Show CDNJS library description", which you can change via the Plugin Manager. All options is enabled by default.

1) Download plugin .ZIP file.
2) Open WeBuilder and select "Plugins -> Manage Plugins" from the menu.
3) Click "Install" and select the .ZIP file you downloaded in step 1.

Feedback appreciated. ;)
(I only use WeBuilder, so I haven't tested if it works in HTMLPad, Rapid CSS or Rapid PHP.)
CDNJS v2.0
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Re: Plugin: CDNJS v2.0

Postby pety » Mon May 28, 2018 6:55 pm

Awesome plugin.
Thanks a lot !
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