HTMLPad 2020 Split Editing a suggestion

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HTMLPad 2020 Split Editing a suggestion

Postby johnfowles » Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:07 am

Aivars and Karlis
one of the selling points when HTMLPad 2020 was released was stated on:- as:-
Improved user interface
"HTMLPad 2020 Split editing of the same file"
I consider that that description is not 100% clear but presumably is meant to inform that two parts of the same file can be viewed (and therefore edited) at the same time
Whilst not terribly useful that feature could be a real time saver if you need to locate and then copy a text string in one part of a draft to cut it then repaste it (i.e.move it) to a better position. The trouble is that after thoroughly checking out the program itself and searching the internet,your own HTMLPad Online Documentation and this Community Forum I could find absolutely no details of how to pull off this little trick Could something be added to the program for the next revision (HTMLPad 2021/2022)?
OK found it!! (well hidden folks!!)
on the Tab tab's drop down menu there ARE three options
Duplicate will display two instances of the same open tab one above the other just what I need
split vertically/split horizontally displays all open tabs (files) in side
by side or one above another tiling fashion which could be useful also
I strongly consider that to properly "improve the user interface" a suitable note should be added to your documentation so that a search there for "split editing" does not
produce the current "No results found" brush off
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Re: HTMLPad 2020 Split Editing a suggestion

Postby johnfowles » Tue Nov 10, 2020 11:13 pm

Hello again
Consructive criticism
I do not want to be thought of as a troublemaker but really I have to say that I am very disappointed that there has not as yet been any response or comment on my suggestion. I really appreciate the SHEER BRILLIANCE of HTMLPad (in fact that is my working title for a tutorial covering a couple of other "hidden" features} (highlit carets autofill tag pairs in particular) and this third one is way up there. So what about it AiVARS? The 2021 version (if there is going to be one) must be almost ready PLEASE include revisions to the menU\toolbar to make it easier to FIND the split editing option (even knowing it is there somewhere took me ten minutes to refind irecenlty!)
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Re: HTMLPad 2020 Split Editing a suggestion

Postby fowlesjohn » Fri Nov 27, 2020 1:10 am

Well,well I have just sent the following email to
Nikolay Dutchuk Karlis and Aivars
"split editing" a suggestion
almost two months ago I started a new thread under that title regarding the the mysterious "TAB" tab.It is at:-
So far there has been absolutely no response from your organisation (or lack of it)
Could I now please ask that one of you three at least acknowledge that somebody there has now read my comments and if you could possibly spare the time and effort to respond by posting some sort of meaningful response on that thread??
Thanks in anticipation
John Fowles
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Re: HTMLPad 2020 Split Editing a suggestion

Postby chrisjlocke » Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:19 am

It's possible they're busy. Real life gets in the way of building software. 8)
You've submitted your suggestion. When they log in they can see the post.
Be patient, Padawan.
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Re: HTMLPad 2020 Split Editing a suggestion

Postby lanidwyer » Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:38 am

This Feature would be great!!!
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