Rapid PHP - A few bugs

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Rapid PHP - A few bugs

Postby JBES » Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:39 pm

WIndows 10 Pro 1511 10586.589
Rapid PHP

A few bugs found...

Mutex problem? If you try to launch Rapid CSS ( while Rapid PHP is already open it will not open and focus is returned back to Rapid PHP and vice-versa meaning you cannot have both open at the same time. If you try to open a CSS file associated with Rapid CSS it will open in the already open Rapid PHP.

Function suggestions rarely appear. E.g. begin typing setcookie( and no suggestions appear. Also suggestions do not appear when filling an existing function or modifying a function's arguments and this cannot be triggered with Shift+Ctrl+Space. In the case of e.g. str_replace it can finally be triggered only when the end parenthesis is present. Comma also does not trigger suggestions during filling or editing.

The <br> Ctrl+Space shortcut is not modern (XHTML/HTML5) compliant. Should be <br /> and no apparent way to modify or choose.

Highlighting within a large file such as minified javascript causes Rapid PHP to become unresponsive for large amounts of time. This usually happens by accident when just 1 character is selected during editing. Annoying one that.

And a picture to follow...


Code to copy/paste to reproduce...

Code: Select all
//This should be a greyed comment.

// ShipDiscount
// Discount

echo"My name is '$name'. I am printing some $foo->foo. Now, I am printing some {$foo->bar[1]}.";
My name is '$name'. I am printing some $foo->foo. Now, I am printing some {$foo->bar[1]}.

Thank you.
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Re: Rapid PHP - A few bugs

Postby Aivars » Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:17 pm

1. Mutex
This is by design. You can edit CSS files in Rapid PHP, there's no need to use 2 different editors.
2. Suggestions
There is indeed some bug with setcookie, thanks for reporting. I can't however reproduce the issue with str_replace, it seems to work fine.
3. <br>
In HTML5 <br> is legal, so <br /> is unnecessary. If you want to use XHTML and it's not detectable from doctype, use menu Options -> Preferences -> Language Options -> HTML and sent HTML Language Specification to XHTML.
4. Large minified files
Yes, it's a problem. Thankfully it's rare that large minified files need to be edited manually.
5. Syntax highlighting
I'll write it down and we'll try to fix it. But it's an edge case and the syntax parser has its limitations. We are not aiming to cover absolutely all edge cases.
5. Selection highlighting
Selection highlighting only highlights whole words, so ShipDiscount and $ShipDiscount are not considered equal. That is by design.
6. Variable highlighting
EOT is treated as php string by design (similarly as " is in a normal string). Regarding variable highlighting, I'll add it to issues.
7. Breakpoint
It's a breakpoint. It's used in debugging.
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Re: Rapid PHP - A few bugs

Postby JBES » Wed Nov 02, 2016 3:02 am

OK, I have tried yet again to use Rapid PHP.

1) Mutex: Obviously CSS files can be edited as text however no CSS navigation tree opens in rPHP, at least for me. And I have not done anything that should prevent this as far as I am aware, nor can I see how to enable it easily.
2) Code suggestions: Nope, it seems highlighting simply doesn't work as it appears it should and I have read other posts about this. It either doesn't work during initial editing or doesn't work at all and can't be triggered.
3) <br>: OK, it is a void element, but it should be definable? http://w3c.github.io/html-reference/syn ... id-element
4) I regularly modify minified files as I don't always keep uncompressed versions and simply expand routines when needed.
5) Highlighting: What exactly is an "edge" case? It is either valid code or it isn't and you are supplying a PHP editor, or I missed something? I didn't go looking for issues, this bug (yes, bug) confusingly altered highlighting in perfectly valid active code.
5b) You have repeated 5 twice. Selection highlighting: This behaviour is simply not valid when working within code as shown with the mentioned examples. Whatever I select should be highlighted no matter the length or content. This alone makes rPHP unusable to me.
6) Variable highlighting: ...
7) Breakpoint: Can this be disabled? It is extremely annoying and messes around with selecting rows.

Basically the pattern here seems to be "by design" meaning you aren't interested in fixing those particular bugs. Plenty of excuses with little resolutions and a lot of removed posts across the forum I may add...

I will continue using more user friendly and functional products, as you not showing interest in improving yours has added to the whole drawn out, bad user experience that I first attempted many months ago.

As I mentioned in an earlier (deleted) post in this thread, there is really no excuse for not fixing and releasing bugfixes as often as needed - I have to for my paying clients. The original post here was created mid September and not even acknowledgment until nearly 7 weeks later - long after the projects being created at that time were finished with different products - and the prospect and likelihood of any bugfixes at all has been hinted at nil, to way in the future.
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Re: Rapid PHP - A few bugs

Postby Aivars » Wed Nov 02, 2016 4:21 am

None of your posts has been deleted as far as I know. Why would we? You're not satisfied, that's fine, some people use their editor differently than majority and it's ok. Some of the issues you've raised are real issues and will be addressed.

Anyways, to reiterate:
1) CSS files are treated equally in both editors
2) Try Options -> Preferences -> Text Editor -> Auto Complete and decrease Delay.
3) There's no point in closing void elements in HTML5. We might know nothing, but even Google HTML/CSS style guide explicitly says to not close them.
4) Ok
5) PHP variable variables are not widely used. We won't fix those edge cases that would cause the parsing to become slower or more memory-consuming. We might do it if it can be done while keeping the simplicity, which is why I've added it to issues list to be researched.
5b (it's very late)) Let's say you have a variable "a" in .js file. If you select this variable, without whole-words-only highlighting because many words have letter "a" in them the whole document would light up not just standalone "a" and make this feature less useful for most users. I have no reason to doubt that this would be better for you personally, but not for most users.
6) ...
7) Currently there's no option to turn breakpoints off.
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Re: Rapid PHP - A few bugs

Postby Aivars » Wed Nov 02, 2016 4:28 am

Regarding (5) - I just noticed it's not variable variable, it's array in string... The problem is caused due to curly inside curly (http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.t ... ng.complex).
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