Setting up Webuilder 2016, for IIS 7

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Setting up Webuilder 2016, for IIS 7

Postby blUserExplorer » Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:07 pm


This is a really dumb question, and I've been too shy to ask, until now. I've been using WeBuilder, for almost a year, since starting at a company using PHP 5.x with IIS 7 servers.

I've been building and debugging projects in localhost using WeBuilder's built-in server, and that's working out fine.

But sometimes things don't work the same on the Dev, Test or Prod server, and I don't know how to configure Webuilder to use IIS 7 for debugging and testing.

Can someone forward a link, for configuring WeBuilder, with IIS?

I've tried searching for the keywords 'Server' and 'IIS' separately, in the Help area. Server returns several pages, with topics like Previewing. I guess I don't understand (sorry) what they mean by Previewing, but would like to actually develop and debug, especially on the Dev server, using our existing server. Same as we've been doing with locahost and the built-in WeBuilder server.

'IIS' returns nothing, in the Help area.
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Re: Setting up Webuilder 2016, for IIS 7

Postby blUserExplorer » Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:42 pm

For anyone else who is has been using the built-in web server, but is clueless about how to use your remote server during development -

0. Make sure your server is already set up, and find out the web address (the url that you type in, from a browser) of the root, as well as the web server document root folder.

This web document root folder might look like an ip address, followed by some folder names. If you have an FTP address where you have been uploading your files from your local drive to the server after local development, then this would be the web document root folder.

1. Go into Options/Preferences/Preview/Script Preview.

UNCheck use built-in Web Server

Click Apply and then Ok

2. Open the php document you want to start running from, index.php or whatever.

3. Press F2. Webuilder should pop up a web page, explaining about PHP Preview. The filename will be preview.htm. Read through this small page, it will help fill in the missing details, or whatever mental blocks you're having.

4. You will need to set up the mappings between the url and the actual location where your web pages are stored. Follow the instructions near the bottom of the preview.htm page, in Step 4 - Configure internal preview.

5. From there, you should be able to Preview the application on the Test/Dev or Prod server you just set up.

Debugging is a different topic. I know how to do this on localhost, but not on an existing server, yet. If I figure it out, I'll post the information here. Otherwise, I'll just give Komodo or phpStorm a second chance.

Sorry if anyone is having these kind of conceptual difficulties, or if this is still unclear, even now. There are a lot of unspoken assumptions that these tools make, and sometimes you have to fill them in by trial and error. Especially if their Support staff is selective about which types of questions they choose to respond to.
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Re: Setting up Webuilder 2016, for IIS 7

Postby blUserExplorer » Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:12 pm

For anyone having similar difficulties -

In my situation, the agency set up 3 different standard servers - Dev, Test, and Prod. Fine. Perfect.

The problem is that their Dev server is remote. It's not impossible to configure for debugging, but it's much easier if you set up your own IIS server locally, and use that as your Dev server. (as opposed to a local server, that uses the WeBuilder built-in Server) That's my solution, and it's working fine, now. I just wish I had set up a local IIS server, a year ago; it would have avoided a lot of confusion.

I'm also playing with Komodo and another IDE to see if they are easier to set up for these purposes. Komodo e.g. has lots more documentation and reliable support, for these issues; but WeBuilder has a great advantage in being simpler and very lightweight, to the point of being able to run it as a portable app, on a flash drive. For now, while testing these other IDEs, WeBuilder remains my official php development tool.
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