Three small bugs

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Three small bugs

Postby pmk65 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:42 pm

Wrong encoding shown if document is modified outside WeBuilder.
1) If you in the editor, save a document in "UTF-8" format.
2) Modify the document using another editor, and save it as "ANSI".
3) Go back to WeBuilder and select the Tab with the document.
4) WeBuilder now asks if you want to load the updated version. (Say yes.)
5) New version of document is now in editor, but the encoding displayed in statusbar still shows the encoding as "UTF-8" and not "ANSI"
(Closing the document and reopening it, will display the correct encoding)

Also if I in a plugin do a Script.Message(_t(Document.Encoding)) when the content of the editor is modified and set the document encoding to ANSI.
Then if I type standard latin characters, it shows the value "0" as expected. But as soon as I enter a non-latin character, the document encoding changes to "2" (UTF-8 without BOM). And here the statusbar still shows the encoding as "ANSI".
Saving and closing the document and then reopening it, shows the encoding is now UTF-8.

File Explorer shows false "fold/unfold" buttons.
If a folder contains a .ZIP file, WeBuilder will display the folder as if it had subfolders. (Showing the +/- icons, but they have no effect when clicking)

Convert Special characters to Entities
When editing CSS, the "Convert Special Chars to Entities" is not useful. As in CSS you don't use "HTML Entities", but "CSS Entities".

Running "Convert Special Chars to Entities" on this CSS selector:
Code: Select all
.test {
   content: "© copyright";

Will produce this invalid code:
Code: Select all
.test {
   content: "© copyright";

The correct code should be:
Code: Select all
.test {
   content: "\00A9 copyright";
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