Update to SFE7 from registered SFE6

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Update to SFE7 from registered SFE6

Postby FreedomRydr » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:58 pm

My SFE6 disappeared with my last Windows 10 Pro, Insider Preview (WIP) update. (it does this sometimes, if it does not like installed programs for these beta versions of 'WIP'). I tried to find a place to download a new SFE6 but find only SFE7. I am supposed to have "Updates for life" (per agreement with Karlis, since 2012), so I installed SFE7, but it does not accept my SFE6 product key for activation. How do I get a product key for my update to SFE7 (or a download link for an updated SFE6)?

Thank you
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