Is KB and Mouseclick I/O from flash preserved?

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Is KB and Mouseclick I/O from flash preserved?

Postby fred » Wed Apr 12, 2006 1:58 am

If I create a screensaver(installer) from a swf file, does the following hold:
Each keyboard and mouse-action in the original flash script produces the original effect. (Normally a screen saver exits on such activities).

Example: on the free preview of my mathsong: Bext, a click on the window produces a getUrl command, i.e. a click let's the user jump to (, where you can checkout the free preview).
If I wrap up Bext into a screensaver, where I set the exit condition on "esc",
are all other swf-actions preserved?


as there is no answer yet (, every day I've been looking into the forum, since I wrote my above posting ;-), it appears to me, that one of the following is true:
1 Screenfactory cannot generate interactive screensavers
2 Nobody here has Screenfactory used for that purpose
3 Nobody knows
4 Nobody is motivated to help (yes I know, there is a demoversion, so that I could try it out myself)
5 other reason

However I would appreciate an answer very much, because this would be a great timesaver for me. Otherwise I suggest this feature for the next version.
The feature list looks very attractive and so I'll keep an eye on your site.
Thank you
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Postby Karlis » Fri Apr 14, 2006 1:29 pm

As you already know, there are exit conditions. These do allow you to preserve mouse clicks and key presses, so you may create screensaver when user clicks buttons and uses mouse (e.g. flash game where user has to use mouse to achieve some result).

However some Flash commands might not work, to find out whether your Flash works as you expect, you may try a free trial version.

P.S. Please note that turnaround for the forum is around 5 days. Urgent matters have to be submitted to customer support directly and are usually processed within 24 to 48 hours.
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