Screensaver freezes at loop point

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Screensaver freezes at loop point

Postby doggled » Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:23 am

We're having a similar problem to what's been reported in a couple of other threads:

The screensaver freeze after a few minutes right at the loop. Here's what we found:

1. It appears like it doesn't happen on every machine. We haven't seen it on XP yet, just on Vista.

2. The screen freezes at the loop point. Only once has it frozen at a different point, and that point was extremely close to the loop with just the faintest image starting to appear after the loop.

3. Thereā€™s no problem with the memory usage. It stays constant at 1.62GB usage.

4. It seems like itā€™s may be dependent on what is going on with other programs. For instance, my impression is that:

- With no other programs running, it takes a long time for it to freeze
- With a few other programs, it freezes within a shorter period
- With my AV doing a scan of my machine, it freezes within a a few minutes.

5. I ran it with Task Manager going on the other screen and noticed that it doesnā€™t necessarily freeze when processor load is maxed out. For instance, just before I started writing this, it froze when processor load was at 43%.

Hope this helps in finding a problem to this problem. We'd be happy to send you the screensaver if it would help fix the issue.
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Re: Screensaver freezes at loop point

Postby chrisjlocke » Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:02 pm

As you've posted the same question in this topic its pointless keeping this one open too, otherwise you're going to have replies all over the place.

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