Just purchased + found multiple bugs

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Just purchased + found multiple bugs

Postby SeanKelly » Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:48 pm


I just purchased the Enterprise Edition and I see many problems.
Please send me a working version.

1. I can open my project (created by this application) in the application itself without any problems but when I try to run it from the command line I get error message:
"Your screensaver does not contain any images"

But my screensaver DOES contain images as I can see when I open this project from the application itself.
I don't understand why the application can load and display the project correctly yet the command line is incorrectly telling me there are no images in the project.

2.a The image loaded in the 'Settings Window Banner' looks terrible if it is a png file.
2.b The image loaded in the 'Settings Window Banner' exceeds the width available when set to recommended 551px wide, or even 540px wide
2.c The image loaded in the 'Settings Window Banner' is not redrawn correctly if it is replaced with a smaller image. I can still see part of the old image under the new image.

I need a fix for item 1 asap as I cannot create my batch of screensavers until I get a fix.

Please help, this is urgent.

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Re: Just purchased + found multiple bugs

Postby SeanKelly » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:01 am

This is the command I'm running:
"D:\Program Files\Screensaver Factory 5 Enterprise\scrfact.exe" -mkscr "G:\my files\project.sfp"

Error message: Screen Saver does not contain any images


Additionally, your help file says...
To produce SCR file:
c:\Screensaver Factory\scrfact.exe -mkscr "c:\projects\myproject.sfp"

but this does not work for me:
D:\Program Files\Screensaver Factory 5 Enterprise\scrfact.exe -mkscr "G:\my files\project.sfp"

Error message: 'D:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.


The only thing I can get to work is to change to the folder and run scrfact.exe from that folder
and also copy the project file into the same folder:

scrfact -mkscr project.sfp

Then lo and behold I finally got this far and now it's asking me with a dialog what name to save the screensaver as!!

Your website and help file says "Screensaver Factory supports automated ... from command line without user interaction"

It's not automated if I have to manually set the filename every time I run this.

There is no documentation stating that I need to supply any additional parameters to specify the output .scr filename.
And there is no command line help eg: /? parameter to look at.

Then I try to GUESS some other parameters eg: -out -scr
scrfact -mkscr project.sfp -out test.scr

and I get the error message nonsense: "Screen Saver does not contain any images"

I even tried to fill the <Output> tag in the project XML to the .scr output filename I want but that was ignored.

I'm completely frustrated by this.

Please help asap.


ps: Oh, and your forum has been down/inaccessible for the past 2 hours.
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Re: Just purchased + found multiple bugs

Postby SeanKelly » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:21 am

Ok I found the solution to the automated filename saving part...

to automatically save to a .scr file, use the undocumented <Output> tag and MAKE SURE not to use SLASH, DOT or UNDERSCORE in the file path
eg: use &#x2E; instead of . in the output filename.scr otherwise the contents of this tag will be IGNORED and no error messages displayed!

Thanks, I finally figured out all this the hard way.

Oh, and don't use full paths that contain spaces, eg:
scrfact -mkscr G:\Program Files\blah\project.sfp
scrfact "-mkscr G:\Program Files\blah\project.sfp"

it can't handle those and gives the usual nonsense message about missing images.
Just copy the project file to a temp folder where there are no spaces in any of it's parent folders.

Hopefully this post will help others that have the same problems as I had.

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Re: Just purchased + found multiple bugs

Postby Karlis » Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:56 am

Thank you for sharing your experience. I have sent you an e-mail explaining everything - short version:

1) The format of paths has nothing to do with Screensaver Factory and there is no bug. The correct syntax is to enclose paths with spaces within double quotes, e.g. "c:\program files\screensaver factory\scrfact.exe" -mkscr "G:\Program Files\blah\project.sfp", this is also shown in the help file. Double quotes are there for a reason - they tell command line that the whole path is a single parameter and not a set of separate params. This is how most Windows applications handle paths passed from command line.

I myself tend to forget to include them, but if you use command line frequently it will become a habit. This is how Windows works.

2) I think you were referring to the banner preview area in the Screensaver Factory. It does not reflect true quality or size of the banner as it is shown in the screensaver config box. Check how it looks in the actual screensaver dialog box. All should be fine. Preview is just to see what image you have selected there. And yes there is a tiny painting glitch with png images in preview.
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