Wishlist for 2015

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Wishlist for 2015

Postby tomy300 » Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:09 pm

Hi again developper,

since Chrismass is close I did a wishlist lol

-thing that anoying me for longtime
a) editor color tag and dom ( would like to color <form></form> and other dom element so I can see it fast on big chuck on code.
b) Ftp timeout after a period of time, there no 'noob' to stay alive the connection?
c) 2015 allow file upload but it missing the encoding type in the popup window, would be cool to be able on wich encoding the file could be upload , ainsi, utf-8 etc.

-thing that I would like to see
a) Ftp advanced search local/remotly, like keyword search that would open another windows with a list of file found
b) Ftp search and replace localy or remotely, that would be a very very good feature but I know clomplex
c) encapsulate the include and require function remotely that was declare and be able to see those function in code completition.
d) be able to ctrl-select class for a dom to open directly that stylesheet file to another windows and point to that line (would be very good to include) if that nameclass not exist permit to add it to a current stylesheet file

a part of that the editor is near perfect.
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