perform an sntp query to ensure accurate system clock

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perform an sntp query to ensure accurate system clock

Postby oracledba » Thu Jan 25, 2007 5:55 pm

I have noticed that the system clock in all pc''s are not accurate,
They are close but almost all pc's and notebooks gain/lose many seconds per week.
The timefade is worst in those PC's which are used the most and/or rebooted the most. I haven't tested hibernated/standby but I suspect that could affect time gain/loss as well.

There are many freeware utilities that can sync your system time to the atomic clocks. To get a list do a google seach on set time sntp freeware

Ideally I would like inetprot to make sure that my system time is accurate.
It already blocks changes to system time from users but but it should then go one step further and do a sntp query and ensure that the system clock is accurate.
This would protect the PC from both "normal" system time fade as well as overt attempts by the user to change the PC clock. Today - without this function - my pc's system time is or will become a few minutes off and unless the inetprot administrator takes to time to manually fix it, the time will simply be inaccurate and continue to fade even more inaccurate.

An alternative to inetprot providing this above function would be to have Inetprot continue to block changes by user to system time but allow a 3rd party utility to set to the atomic clock. this is less ideal than having the function intergrated into inetprot but I guess it would work ok.
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Postby chrisjlocke » Thu Jan 25, 2007 6:22 pm

Having iNet Protector check / update the system time doesn't seem critical to the running of itself. Its my opinion this is simply 'bloat' and can be fixed with 3rd party software. Its a bit like saying you'd also like it to check your emails too, rather than using another app, or integrate a browser in it so it can show a web page.

I might be wrong and it might find its way into a future update, but I can't see it being a real benefit.

Also, I don't see how it would prevent overt attempts by the user to change the PC clock, unless it checked extremely frequently. If it did it only on startup or every x hours, it wouldn't be really hard to get around...
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Postby oracledba » Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:58 am

I think you miss the point(s).

The problem is we cant use a third party apps to fix the problem.
If we could have used them I would not have started this thread.

The problem is real.
Look around, pc's where users normally do not change the time or use a sntp function to do it for them have system clocks off usually just a few minutes but some as much as a half hour.

My request/point is this.
Inetprot prevents clear overt changes to the system time by the user -
meanwhile the system time is not perfect it does fade. Third party freeware apps exist today that will correct the problem, Inetprot should either have an option for letting these programs do their job or inetprot should intergrate that function into itself.

I don't care which of the above, all I know is if one follows inet's reconmendation eventually you will have a system time problem. I'm simply asking for a mechanism where it can be automatically fixed.

This isn't bloat its simply saying cleanup what you messup. If inet is causing a mess to occur it should either allow for the mess to be cleaned or clean it itself.

for those that dont belive that system time can fade here's a test.
use one of the 3rd party apps mention in this thread.
Set your system time to an atomic clock.
Check your system to the atomic clock, it should be 0.0 seconds off.
Now Reboot.
Check your system time against that atomic clock.
Bet ya a donut your system time is now wrong.
Usually 1 to 5 seconds slow and all we did was reboot.
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Postby Karlis » Mon Feb 19, 2007 3:35 pm

One solution would be to disable "block changes to system time"option and use your own time management software that fixes the system time.

You might be interested that we are currently working on a new version of iNet Protector that should eliminate the clock problems.
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Re: perform an sntp query to ensure accurate system clock

Postby marryanne » Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:02 am

I started performing sntp query but still my clock does'nt work
How could i ever make this clock working accurately.

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Re: perform an sntp query to ensure accurate system clock

Postby stone76567 » Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:12 am

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