Webuilder 2018 Interface Style needs improvment

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Webuilder 2018 Interface Style needs improvment

Postby gwmbox » Tue May 08, 2018 5:13 am

Hi guys, I was very much looking forward to the Webuilder 2018, as I am a (no longer being developed) TopStyle user.

One of the best things about Topstyle is not cluttering up the the toolbar with too many tools

Topstyle has a unique tab based interface under a common toolbar, which you can select based on what type of document you are working on and/or you can tab from one to the other, as shown in the image here


Webuilder toolbar looks like this which is more difficult to see specific tools available


Is this somehing that Webuilder could consider in a 2018 update?


PS I'd like to see a non flat dark style too :)
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Re: Webuilder 2018 Interface Style needs improvment

Postby Aivars » Tue May 08, 2018 12:43 pm

We have considered Ribbon but most users were against it. I'll add +1 to the relevant suggestion and maybe we'll revisit it later.
This is a strange mix between classic toolbars and the ribbon, I'm not sure about the implications. I'll bring this suggestion up.
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Re: Webuilder 2018 Interface Style needs improvment

Postby Emulman » Wed May 09, 2018 11:25 am

i find a ribbon interface very useful and better like the first image with a mixed toolbar. For me every topic (like fonts, htmltags, etc) should have a ribbon to better understand what to do. It's my personal opinion, but i repeat for me it's better a mixed toolbar with ribbons for every topic.
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Re: Webuilder 2018 Interface Style needs improvment

Postby gwmbox » Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:18 am

Was there any progress on this one?

It could be an optional feature/view so those that don't want it can just turn it off, or visa versa. It would really be great to have the different languages under their own tabs, plus have the ability to create your own toolbar items for things you do over and over again.

I loved TopStyle, but obviously really like WB 2018, having this toolbar tab option would make it complete :)
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Re: Webuilder 2018 Interface Style needs improvment

Postby Will Fastie » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:01 pm

I agree that the UI needs some kind of overhaul and I know that will be painful, both for the developers and long-term users.

However, I don't think the TopStyle interface is the best answer. That probably means I'm not overly impressed with the ribbon interface in this case.

An interesting counterpoint is Visual Studio Code. No toolbar. I don't have enough experience with VSC to speak to its usability, but I don't see a lot of wailing from users about the absence of toolbars.

In Rapid PHP, I added a tiny subset of icons to a custom toolbar because there was no other simple or one-click way to perform the tasks. Otherwise, I almost never use the icons in most of the standard toolbars. There are ten items on my custom toolbar, of which I use only four daily. Some of the suggestions I have made in these forums relate improving the areas for which I made toolbar icons. Of the icons on the other standard toolbars, the only one I use on a regular basis is Save All.

One thing I like about the Blumentals toolbars is that they are file-sensitive. For example, when I edit CSS the CSS toolbar pops up. I wish this could be extended so that I can choose the precise set of toolbars that I prefer for any give file type. For example, when I edit CSS I don't need to see all the HTML icons so I'd like it if those tools vanished. But the truth is that I'd probably not use many of them. Most of the items on the CSS toolbar I use so rarely that going to the main menu to get them is fine.

In any case, changes to the UI should be made with great care, making sure that users are able to choose exactly the configuration that works best for them.
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