Plugin: Project Backup v1.0

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Plugin: Project Backup v1.0

Postby pmk65 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:27 am

WeBuilder Plugin: Project Backup v1.0

Creates backup archive of Project files. Plugin can be triggered manually from menu item or automatically when switching projects or closing editor.

How it works:
A special file named ProjectBackup.ini must be present in the root of the project. This file contains information on where to store the backup and the backup name and format. This file can be created/edited through plugin menu items.
When the plugin is triggered, it will start a background shell task at low priority. This task then creates the backup archive and sends back a Windows toast notification when done.

In the Plugin Manager options, you can disable/enable the auto backup feature globally. Also you can set the path to 7-Zip here.

For the plugin to work, you need 7-Zip installed on your system.
For sending Windows toast notifications, SnoreToast is used. (included in plugin.)

1) Download plugin .ZIP file.
2) Open WeBuilder and select "Plugins -> Manage Plugins" from the menu.
3) Click "Install" and select the .ZIP file you downloaded in step 1.

BIG THANKS to pety for ideas and betatesting. Without him this plugin would never have seen the light of day. :D

Feedback appreciated. ;)
(I only use WeBuilder, so I haven't tested if it works in HTMLPad, Rapid CSS or Rapid PHP.)
Project Backup v1.0
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Re: Plugin: Project Backup v1.0

Postby pety » Wed Jul 25, 2018 6:14 am

Thank you !
You made a very good plugin.

I am a happy user.
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