Need a keyboard shortcut for the Color Picker

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Need a keyboard shortcut for the Color Picker

Postby Random Terrain » Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:25 am

I use keyboard shortcuts a lot when I work on images. Paint Shop Pro, for example, lets you hold down the Ctrl key to bring up the color picker and while still holding down the Ctrl key, all you do is click the left mouse button to pick the foreground color and click the right mouse button to pick the background color. If Easy GIF Animator could do the same thing, it sure would save a lot of time and unnecessary clicking and moving the mouse back and forth.

You should be able to use that keyboard shortcut while using any of the tools. Moving the mouse over to the Color Picker every time you need it is too tedious and time consuming, so please add a keyboard shortcut for it.

Except for that one major problem, I love Easy GIF Animator, especially since you can edit a frame in your favorite image editor. It's kind of like having a sprite maker from the Commodore 64 or Commodore Amiga again, except Easy GIF Animator is better. I'm going to buy the Professional Edition tomorrow.

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Re: Need a keyboard shortcut for the Color Picker

Postby Jalen54 » Mon Nov 13, 2023 11:58 am

The efficiency that keyboard shortcuts bring to my workflow, and having a dedicated shortcut for the Color Picker is a game-changer! It streamlines the process of selecting colors, making design tasks a breeze. The seamless integration of this shortcut not only enhances productivity but also adds a layer of convenience. When brainstorming for new design concepts or content creation, the Color Picker shortcut becomes an invaluable tool. With just a quick key combination, Topic ideas can be effortlessly infused with vibrant and inspiring colors, sparking creativity instantly. Kudos to the developers for recognizing the importance of such a feature!
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