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Screensaver Factory v4.0 and Screensaver Wonder 4.0

Postby Karlis » Fri Jan 13, 2006 8:04 pm

I'm proud to announce the release and availability of Screensaver Factory 4 and its little brother - Screensaver Wonder 4.0 (formerly known as SCR Builder).

Here is a list of some new features and enhancements:
* New, improved interface
* Full-screen WYSIWYG editing allows to change item properties and drag image label with your mouse while the screensaver fully visible
* New very cool fade-based transition effects
* Display image banner popup when screensaver exits
* Display your logo on all screensaver images
* Improved screensaver setup interface and performance
* Multi-language support
* CD writing features
* Easy screensaver wizard
* Improved performance and compatibility with various systems
* Much more (around 150 fixes and improvements were made)

To see the new features in action, please make use of the free trial downloads.

Important info about upgrades

* Customers who purchased Screensaver Factory in Nov 2005 - Jan 2006 will receive a free upgrade. The info will be sent to you via e-mail by the end of January, please be patient and wait for your free upgrade info to arrive.

* All other customers can upgrade for a very special price:

SCR Builder users

* SCR Builder users will be able to upgrade to Screensaver Wonder for a very small price as well. Upgrade options are currently being prepared, and will become available by the end of January.

Special Thanks

Greetings to John Garner who helped with very in-depth testing and is currently preparing French language file.

Special thanks to Marius Nichita for his ideas and encouragement (we did not know that we could, before you told us that we can).

Also I would like to thank everybody who wrote encouraging words, comments and suggestions to help us making the product even better. Thanks!
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