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New design

PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:24 pm
by Karlis
I put the code editors away for a month and did a website re-make. Now it is table-free and uses CSS layouts and most of the pages are either valid or show very few errors which are related to the content of separate pages (not the design). It was difficult to get it working on IE + FF + old IEs. What is more, we are not 860px wide, and everything is bigger - easier to click on.

This was a nasty task... It seems that all browsers are lagging in some way and all of them needs workarounds. I'm sick of those tricks required to get similar layout on various browsers and browser versions. FF is not better than IE and vice versa or so it seems.

Re: New design

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:39 am
by notuo
Karlis, hi.

First congrats for the effort

The one I am looking at is 860 and does has tables. Maybe is not online yet.

But this is not the issue. Of course the different browsers are a pain... and to have things look "the same" is an awful task. So, welcome to the gang.

Let's see the new look.


EDIT>> Also I found the left menu doesn't work. The same links are always in

Re: New design

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:32 pm
by Karlis
There is one single table (id=structure) indeed :o, but it was absolutely necessary there. Same approach is used by one of the world's most famous web design studios so I think this is cool enough. The previous layout was based entirely on tables, it had like 10 or 15 of them.

I still do not understand what was so dramatically wrong with tables, but CSS is cool too as you can see ;)

Re: New design

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:48 pm
by notuo
Actually I was not complaining at all. Just that I saw the width and the table, so I figure I am looking another site. (been in a long ago)

As I said. Way to go...

But, did you check the issue with the left menu as I mentioned. That is really important.


Re: New design

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 9:58 pm
by Karlis
It is working, it is simply that that part is not finished. It is already that way for 4 years.

Re: New design

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 7:00 pm
by syrupcore
there's two on the homepage! ;)

If you're interested, you can make the menus maybe easier to deal with and more search engine friendly with a combination of "suckerfish" drop downs and a little bit of image replacement.

It looks really sweet Karlis.

Re: New design

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 6:14 am
by Elygen

anything using jquery makes it better!

By the way thanks for the products. Been using webuilder for 3 or 4 versions now. and it's the best program I've used.

Screw the site, keep making webuilder better. I'll work on your site for.