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Additonal Use-Tags in Menu-Objects

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:33 am
by meRalle
as mainly working with PHP and Javascript for dynamic und interaktiv pages,

I'm missing the possibility to define User-Tags like "ID" or additonal "CLASS"

I would like the feature to add Tags like "ID" and "CLASS" to the Objects of the Menu created,
to be able to easily add "ID", additional "CLASS" and "Custom Tags" like "OnClick" or so.

Another Program i (Bootstrap Studio") use has an Edit-Field for that as shown here:
which allows to add user-defined TAGs ("key") with their value.

The most TAG I'm missing is "ID" as this is used to create OnClick.Listener, .InnerHTML-Actions or other
actions depending of the Obejct's ID as Examples.

I hope this will find the way into the next Release, is i think it's useful and probably not difficultto implement.

Without that, i have to add the TAGs manually at every export, which makes Menu Maker mostly useless.