Color Schemes: Base 16

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Color Schemes: Base 16

Postby pmk65 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:42 am

Base 16 Color Schemes converted to WeBuilder format

Included in package are the latest 83 Base 16 color schemes

Color Schemes: 3024, Apathy, Ashes, Atelier Cave Light, Atelier Cave, Atelier Dune Light, Atelier Dune, Atelier Estuary Light, Atelier Estuary, Atelier Forest Light, Atelier Forest, Atelier Heath Light, Atelier Heath, Atelier Lakeside Light, Atelier Lakeside, Atelier Plateau Light, Atelier Plateau, Atelier Savanna Light, Atelier Savanna, Atelier Seaside Light, Atelier Seaside, Atelier Sulphurpool Light, Atelier Sulphurpool, Bespin, Brewer, Bright, Chalk, Codeschool, Cupcake, Darktooth, Default Dark, Default Light, Dracula, Eighties, Embers, Flat, Github, Google Dark, Google Light, Grayscale Dark, Grayscale Light, Greenscreen, Gruvbox Dark Hard, Gruvbox Dark Medium, Gruvbox Dark Pale, Gruvbox Dark Soft, Gruvbox Light Hard, Gruvbox Light Medium, Gruvbox Light Soft, Harmonic Dark, Harmonic Light, Hopscotch, Irblack, Isotope, Macintosh, Marrakesh, Materia, Mexico Light, Mocha, Monokai, Ocean, Oceanicnext, Onedark, Paraiso, Phd, Pico, Pop, Railscasts, Seti, Shapeshifter, Solarflare, Solarized Dark, Solarized Light, Spacemacs, Summerfruit Dark, Summerfruit Light, Tomorrow Night, Tomorrow, Tube, Twilight, Unikitty Dark, Unikitty Light, Woodland

To install these Color schemes, first download and extract the archive, then use menu Options -> Preferences -> Text Editor -> Colors, click Open Color Scheme, then select the file.
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Re: Color Schemes: Base 16

Postby netmizer » Thu Dec 14, 2023 6:42 pm

Nice work! Thank you for sharing these.

I just created a new dark theme called "Darkaholic" for PHP developers. You can download the color theme at the link below if you like. I am recommending Source Code Pro as the font to accompany it.


Looking forward to seeing more color themes shared on here!

Thank you!

RapidPHP WeBuilder color dark themes darkaholic .xsc
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