[WB 2010] Auto Replace and Umlauts. What a pain!

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[WB 2010] Auto Replace and Umlauts. What a pain!

Postby x3po » Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:55 am


i often need html-entities for german umlauts, so i defined some rules in the auto replacement section, e.g. for an "Ć¼" the entity "ü".
if i write the letter and then press spacebar, the umlaut gets converted. but - when i just type another letter the umlaut does not get converted. even worse, i have to move the cursor one letter before the umlaut, press spacebar, arrow right and another spacebarto get the umlaut converted. after that, i have to delete those needles spaces.

Also when typing an umlaut and pressing spacebar, a blank space will be inserted after the converted entity.

Also, i'm not able to differentiate between an lower- and uppercase umlaut. I can't convert and uppercase "Ɯ" to "Ü", only to a lowercase "ü"

Any chances to get that fixed?


p.s.: I know that "convert special chars to entities"-feature! but that's not the point right now! ;-)
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