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Background Transparency

Postby Loopygram » Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:04 pm

Hi - new here. Have had the program a long time but haven't used it very much at all.
My problem is background transparency which for me means no background at all. On this program you can't tell if there is a background or not. It should show like grey and white squares which is totally color, no image, nada with the images themselves on top of that in every frame.

I cannot find anything to do that with. It says background transparency and you can lighten the color or make the color less visible or whatever from there I guess but nowhere can I find - no background or totally transparent background. Who wants that ugly white square around your picture or whatever color you make it? It looks terrible and doesn't do a beautiful animation any favors.

Please help me figure this out or if there is no way to do it please let me know and I will uninstall the program.

I'm wanting to update my old Jasc animation shop but it's still looking better to me.

Loopy :evil:
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