Transitions work differently on different systems?

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Transitions work differently on different systems?

Postby janlaiho » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:54 am

I have made a screensaver of still images. In Screensaver Factory, I've set the transition effect to "Crossfade". The screensaver works as expected on a Windows 7 system, however on a Windows XP system, the transitions are random?

How can I make a screensaver where the transitions are always what I chose in Screensaver Factory?

EDIT: I noticed that the newly installed screensaver inherits whatever settings there were previously as far as image transitions, i.e. if the previous screensaver had all transitions selected, the new one will too, regardless of what the setting was when composing the screensaver in Screensaver Factory. Is there something to be done in Screensaver Factory, or can a system admin do something about this? The problem is that my screensaver will be deployed over a large number of computers, and I want to make sure that in each one the image transitions work the same, as set in Screensaver Factory. How to do this?
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Re: Transitions work differently on different systems?

Postby Aivars » Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:51 pm

Basically, if the previous screensaver that was installed on the same computer was configured by user and had the same title as the new screensaver, then the old settings will be used. Choose a new title for the new screensaver to avoid this.
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