Configure WeBuilder/Rapid PHP with AMPPS & xdebug

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Configure WeBuilder/Rapid PHP with AMPPS & xdebug

Postby IceTater » Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:11 am

Configure WeBuilder with AMPPS & xdebug

Summary from the AMPPS website:

1) Download desired xdebug version (dll) here, probably one of the TS versions:

2) Put it in the appropriate /Ampps/php/ext directory. For example, for php-5.5, you'd download


to your Ampps directory, probably C:/Ampps/php-5.5/ext

3) Then rename the file


Do this for each version of php for which you want to enable debugging. You may need to set Windows permissions for xdebug so that it won’t be blocked from loading.

4) In php.ini, put the following line at the end of the file (for php 5.4 and higher):


5) Check that xdebug is installed. In your brower, bring up:


and under "Info" click on PHP Info. php_xdebug will [url]not[/url] show up in the AMPPS PHP extension list.

6) From within WeBuilder, go to the Options menu:

Options ➞ Preferences ➞ External Tools➞ PHP Settings and put in the path & filename to your PHP executable.
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