WeBuilder Pro 2018 v much slower

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WeBuilder Pro 2018 v much slower

Postby dmet » Tue Apr 24, 2018 5:32 pm

Just a quick background first - I've been using your products for 12 years now. I bought HTMLPadPro in 2006, upgraded to WeBuilder in 2008 (and as Karlis knows, I've been endorsing / promoting your software to my clients with links on my site since 2009). I have been diligently keeping each version of WeBuilder updated to each latest version for the past 10 years as they release & use it daily, definitely not new to WeBuilder.

So before I state my issue, I just want to say THANKS guys for keeping this GREAT product going for over a decade now! It's part of my daily work life!

On April 10th I got your newsletter announcing the new 2018 (15) version, I purchased the WeBuilder Pro upgrade, and recently did the following:

1. Installed WeBuilder 2018 v 15 on both my laptop and desktop, checked to make sure it kept all my custom snippets. Noticed that it opened slow, but figured maybe it was due to fresh installation (you know how sometimes programs to run their best until reboot after fresh install).

2. Uninstalled WeBuilder 2016 v 14 from both my laptop and desktop, being sure to tell it "Save my settings" during the uninstall.

3. Rebooted both systems and tested to make sure 2018 v 15 runs correctly, and immediately noticed that this new version opens painfully slow.

My main system is a high-end Precision workstation with 512GB SSD (no mechanical drives), 7th Gen Core i7 CPU, 12GB RAM, over 125GB free space on my SSD, and is very fast / well maintained / always updated.

By comparison:

WeBuilder 2016 v 14 opened in 3 to 4 seconds at most. Literally.

WeBuilder 2018 v 15 takes a painful 24 seconds to open. Literally. On a system with the kind of power I'm running, this is an insane increase in load time.

But before I consider downgrading back to v 14 and refunding (still within 30 days) I thought it best to come here first and find out if this is something anyone else has noticed, and if there are any troubleshooting or otherwise steps that I can take to resolve the issue and get back the speed I'm used to with WeBuilder.

This is still the best editor on the market (in my opinion) but because I'm working in a fast-paced environment in which I have to open WeBuilder several times per day and use it frequently each day, the slow loading is an unwelcome change.

I'm interested in any feedback, opinions, suggestions, etc...
Thank you!
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Re: WeBuilder Pro 2018 v much slower

Postby Karlis » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:21 pm

This is not by design and does not happen to other users. This has to be something connected with your system, perhaps a conflict or data corruption, because we are unable to reproduce it on multiple test systems.

Here is what you should do:

1) Contact support[at]blumentals.net so that a support case is created and can be handled privately
2) Submit the following information there:
a) Does it work better if you close all side windows/panels and leave literally just editor and no saved tabs and then restart?
b) Try installing a fresh USB copy to a flash drive, would it run from flash-drive install?
c) Backup your settings via settings export and try a hard uninstall with setting removal and then reinstall?

We need to find out what is the cause in your specific case.
Karlis Blumentals
Blumentals Software
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Re: WeBuilder Pro 2018 v much slower

Postby dmet » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:29 pm

Thank you for the response Karlis, and I've very relieved to know that this is not by design / not happening to other users.

I'm 100% willing to open the ticket and follow all troubleshooting steps. Heck, I'd even skip right to the hard uninstall (all I really need to keep are my snippets) but if following certain steps first would be helpful then I'll take the long way and do the steps / correspond with your support.

I can't do it today - behind schedule - but will tonight or tomorrow, and I'll certainly report back (hopefully good results) here when all is said & done just in case my thread here ends up being helpful to others down the road.

Definitely looking forward to getting the speed back!
Thanks again!
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Re: WeBuilder Pro 2018 v much slower

Postby pmk65 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:39 pm

Do you run any other programs that might interfere with loading of the Editor? Such as Virus/Malware scanners etc.
Then try turning them of for testing and see if that makes any difference.
Some of those keeps scanning files they doesn't know (And the 2018 release is fairly new)
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