Breakpoints in FTP files? (for REMOTE server debugging)

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Breakpoints in FTP files? (for REMOTE server debugging)

Postby garfly » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:16 am

I still have a dream of using Rapid PHP to debug files sitting on a remote web server using xdebug .

NOW you allow MAPPINGS for remote web servers to FTP folders (YEA! THANK YOU!) Works great for previewing remote files!

MY CURRENT ISSUE: I can't seem to set a break point in the PHP files when I bring them up in the editor using my mapped FTP drive!
And if I push the "debug" button in the ide OR when I select "run to cursor" from the menu, the page never stops at the cursor ( and my remote xdebug.log does not register ANYTHING for these calls)

Is this as intended OR have I configured something incorrectly?

Thanks in advance!

HISTORY: If map a remote server with WebDav/ftp /.... to a LETTER drive on my desktop, I can get REALLY REALLY CLOSE to remote server debugging. (described HERE [url]/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7221&p=25146&hilit=remote#p25146[/url]) - Even though this approach would kick off remote xdebug, the issue was this process would never match my local mapped desktop letter "K:" to "/home/public_html/" on the remote server dir.
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Re: Breakpoints in FTP files? (for REMOTE server debugging)

Postby garfly » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:31 pm

No word for a week; My simple question: Why can't I add breakpoints to FTP files in the editor?

Better question (and re-request from ):

To remotely debug files where I map a remote drive location to my desktop (remote ftp server '/home/kjnappsc/' mapped to my local "K:\" drive), can you NOT send the mapped drive letter (K:\) to xdebug and instead use and use the remote directory ("/home/kjnapps/") - OR (possibly easier?) give me a 3rd column in "mappings" that will be sent to the debugger ("/home/kjnapps/") instead of my mapped ("K:\")?

This is the only thing preventing me from debugging a real server site remotely! (This capability would be SO cool for Rapid PHP!). Not to be obnoxious, but I can quickly configure remote debugging with other IDEs (e.g. Codelobster 1.2), BUT your IDE is SO MUCH BETTER AT EVERYTHING ELSE I WANT/ NEED.

Thanks in advance,
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